A Man Acts a Ray of Sunshine for This Poor Little Finch Stuck Frozen on a Pipe!

On New Year’s morning, went to feed his horses. But, on his way he noticed a small little finch making a fuss about something! Well, it turned out to be a huge something! The poor little finch was stuck frozen on a pipe near a water heater. The poor little thing wanted to drink some water and have some rest from the New Year festivities, got wet and his little claws got frozen and stuck on the steel. Watching the efforts this little birdy makes to fly away are heart-breaking!

The man decided to replace the lacking sun in that freezing winter day. A real Santa Clause granting the wish to fly away to this wonderful bird! The man caught gently the finch and started blowing hot air on the pipe where the bird’s claws were frozen! And it worked! It really worked!

The finch flew away singing as a thank you for the good deed of his savior.

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