Man Saves an Owl with a Wing Wrapped with Fishing Wire!

At the Lost Creek Country Club in Austin, Texas an owl desperately needed some help. The poor owl had fishing wire wrapped tightly around his wing.

The Great Horned owl was stuck in sitting in the same place all day long. Luckily people noticed that he was in trouble and that he is caught up in a fishing line. Craig Loving volunteered and did his best at rescuing the owl.

He managed to cut off the fishing wire and he completely removed it from the owl’s wing. The owl didn’t seem very pleased that Craig was touching him. However, it still remained still enough for Craig to be able to remove it and bring it back to land and safety.

This country club has its hero and Creig Loving did something remarkable. A lot of people might not have the courage for it, but luckily for this owl this kind man was around.

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