Parrot Gets Hysterical After Receiving the Best Surprise Birthday Present!

Marnie is one very special little bird. He is a Blue Indian Ringneck parrot who receives a lot of love from his human mom. Since it was his fifth birthday she decided to throw Marnie a surprise birthday party, which included all of his animal friends.

Besides getting a lovely desert, which was of course his favorite waffles with some strawberries and cream, he also got some lovely gifts. This is when the whole party becomes extremely adorable. Marnie receives a couple of stuffed animals from his humans and he simply doesn’t hide the excitement.

Since he is a very polite bird after receiving each gift he thanks his human. Another cute thing that you must see him do is asking for kisses from the stuffed animals. It is definitely one of the cutest things you can ever see.

Do you make little birthday parties for your pets?

Let us know in the comments below.

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