Meowing in Deep Cat Voice! Try Not to Laugh, Feel Bad about It & Then Laugh Some More.

It’s a disease, not a death metal frontcat, you insensitive weirdoes! I am a cruel person apparently, ‘cause I find this hilarious, but anyways, I’m gonna tell ya some more on the dramatic meowing in deep cat voice a.k.a laryngeal paralysis.

What Is Laryngeal Paralysis?

Laryngitis in felines may be one symptom of different illnesses such as infectious rhinotracheitis or calicivirus. When a laryngitis is developed, the cat loses its meow for a few days. Bad breath, cough or discharge coming from the cat’s eyes and nose can also be signs of this condition. At first, the cat may try to hide these symptoms, but it won’t be possible to hide them for a long time. The cough may get painful and the cat’s owner may notice a sudden loss of voice, especially if the cat is normally communicative. If you ask the vets what laryngitis is, they will tell you that the cat’s larynx has become inflamed. The inflammation of the voice box can be a result of irritation, throat obstruction, illness or a sudden paralysis of the nerve controlling the laryngeal folds which results in a deep cat voice, which some may find, well…interesting.

Meowing in Deep Cat Voice laryngeal paralysis cats 2

When older cats get together and decide they want more from life than just licking their paws and napping around and doing nothing like the Kardashians and if they all happen to have an alteration in the airflow into their voice box, then you got yourselves a new Rolling Stone cover or in normal human terms, another visit to the vet. It will actually take more than just one visit. While you decide who will be the bassist and who the front vocal, your cat should be waiting for surgery. Sorry, but the vets are unanimous on that. That deep cat voice can be a cancer indicator, so the vets have to open up the throat and see what the hell is happening there. If (God forbid) cancer is diagnosed, the tumor will be removed and your cat shall undergo radio and chemotherapy in order to recover.

If surgery is the only way to go, afterwards your cat will need to be regularly monitored by a veterinarian for aspiration pneumonia because the protecting function of the larynx will be eliminated when swallowing.

Symptoms of Deep Cat Voice:

  • Open mouth; panting
  • Loud respiration and a high-pitched sound when breathing in (the most common one)
  • Change in character of the bark (growling James Hetfield voice)
  • Difficulties while swallowing; bad breath; occasional coughing
  • Elevated rectal temperature (mostly when the weather is warm and sunny)

3 Examples of the Deep Cat Voice in These Grandma and Grandpa Cats:

1. Cat Bau

Due to its not so advanced laryngitis this poor baby only has only 7,000 views. Apply more cold water on that throat, dude!

2. Cat Jackson

Jackson, may he rest in peace, has around 30,000 views! Taylor Swift, watch out! It is a real proof that every cloud has a silver lining or that you can become famous on your cat’s misery or even… death. Keep up the good work, good cat owner! Next time make sure you don’t pitch down the sound.

3. Cat Jay

It’s literally the deepest meow you have ever heard! It remains to echo throughout all eternity. Poor baby Jay has some sort of a laryngeal paralysis and became an instant viral star because of his deep cat voice that makes us think he is Morgan Freeman in the world of cats.

Hats down to these cool cats. With a few computer dressing up they will sound even better than Justin Bieber. Little missies les chats, stand in line!

Source & More Info:
Pet MD

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