This Mischievous Cat Lives up to Its Name! Mischief Got a Bungee Cord Hooked in Its Mouth!

Cat are always curious about everything. They like to smell things, touch things and even taste things that they really shouldn’t. Such is also the case of this mischievous cat that puts itself into great danger.

Mischievous Cat Mischief Bungee Cord Hooked Mouth Dr. Pol 2

Mischief, the Mischievous Cat!

This has been one of the cases that Dr. Pol had to solve in one of the episodes of The Incredible Dr.Pol. It is a series on Net Geo Wild in which Dr. Pol takes care of farm animals or family pets in any way he can. The series are set in Michigan, United States. This case might not have been one of his hardest to solve, but is definitely worth the mention.

The owner of the mischievous cat named Mischief got home one day after work only to find the cat on the porch and she didn’t look so well. When Frances Lechnert went up to the cat, she couldn’t believe what she saw. The cat couldn’t move and it had a bungee cord hooked in its mouth. Frances and her son tried everything to get it out of the cats mouth. They even cut the bungee cord, but it simply wouldn’t come out. Not knowing what else to do they decided to visit Dr. Pol.

Luckily the visit was really quick. Dr. Pol manages to take the bungee cord out in just a few seconds. The cord didn’t do any real damage to the cat so it only receives some antibiotics and is ready to go home. Mischief’s parent couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw how fast the bungee cord came off since for her it just didn’t move at all.

Mischief is all ready to continue with his mischievous behaviors and we sure hope he won’t be too curious about everything. You know what they all say “curiosity killed the cat”.

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