This Cat Is Playing Jenga like a Pro and She’s Killing It!

As we have seen so far, animals can be way better than humans in some activities! Or games! One of those games is Jenga. You have probably heard about it, you are building a tower with wooden pieces and while doing that the tower must not collapse. Moe is a cat that nails this game like a pro!

She is carefully following every move of her parent. She is also extremely precise when it comes to her moves. The tower barely shutters, and even if it does, it does not collapse. Moe is rather tactful and perfectly takes one piece from the bottom or from the middle of the tower. She is so into the game she does not let her opponent finish his move!

As every player, Moe becomes a bit anxious at moments. She throws the wooden pieces away. Or maybe she is just bored playing with the weaker opponent since it is clear who the winner is. Moe, I don’t dare to challenge you!

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