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Mom Cat Kidnaps Puppies & Takes Matter Into Her Own Paws!

It is an unusual story about a dog mom giving birth to several puppies and a cat kidnaps all of them to give them love. This cat mom gave birth to her kitties at the same time when the dog did, but her kitties died.

Mom cat kidnaps puppies dog smoochy cocker spaniel 1

The dog mom named Smoochy is a cocker spaniel and she didn’t seem to be very interested in taking care of the puppies. That is where Mrs. Kitty stepped in!

Mom Cat Kidnaps Puppies to Give Them Love and Food…

Mrs. Kitty lost her kittens, but didn’t lose her motherly instinct. Once she saw the injustice done over the little puppies she took matters into her own paws. Smoochy, the mother of the little blind puppies, for whatever reason, seemed not so interested in them. This meant she wouldn’t offer them nursing not even looking at them little less give them love. Mrs. Kitty is aware of this cruelty kidnapped the puppies one by one and placed them in a safe place so she could take care of them.

She would pick them up with her mouth and transfer them one by one to her safe place and once there she would feed all of them. She seems to not mind that they are not kittens. The puppies seem content with the warmth and milk they get from their provider.

One cannot help wonder what will happen in the future when the puppies open their eyes and realize who their mother is! Will that knowledge lead to a troubled adult dog hood, would it break the old believe that dogs and cats hate each other or maybe this is just a big overreaction?! I guess time will tell.

The important thing for now is that this cat kidnaps the puppies every time she believes they need feeding and gives them lots of love while she’s at it!

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