Parenting Done Wrong! Mother Cat Has Struggles Getting Back Her Little Kitten From a Baby!

Most parents want their children to grow up with animals and that’s great. This video of a mother cat trying to get her kitten away from a child is an example of how ignorant parents can be.

Parenting Mother Cat Struggles Little Kitten Baby Holding 1

The problem arises from the fact that little children don’t know how to act around animals let alone take care of one. This is how animals might end up getting hurt. Especially little pups or kittens who are pretty defenseless against children. The children are not to blame though. We all knew nothing about pets nor how to take care of them when we were two. The real problem lies within the parents and how ignorant they can be in this regard.

A child will for sure be really excited and happy to play with a pet in whichever way it can. The adults are the ones who draw the line of what’s just harmless playing and what is harassing the poor animals.

Why Does the Mother Cat Want to Try to Get Her Kitten Back So Badly?

The answer to this question is very simple, because she is a mother cat! This doesn’t just apply to cats, but to any mother in general. A mother which sees her precious child getting hurt will most likely do whatever is in her power to help the child.

In this particular case the parents of the child are very lucky that their cat is as gentle as she is. Their child could get hurt pretty badly if their cat was not so calm and collected. It is only normal that the poor cat is trying so hard to get her kitten back when it is crying for help.

It would have been only fair for the parents to take away the kitten from the child and give it back to the mother cat. Instead of doing this they watched with amusement. This only shows how cruel human beings can be sometimes.

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