Neglected Cat Got His Burden Shaved Off His Back!

Sometimes it gets hard for elderly people to take care of themselves. This of course results in having a really hard time taking care of their pets as well. In this case this neglected cat ended up with its fur so matted that it left his rescuers completely shocked.

Simbad, the Neglected Cat Dragging a Carpet…

Years of untaken care of and matted fur has made the life of Simbad very difficult. When reported to The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, they were told that the cat looked like he was dragging a carpet.

The poor Persian cat could barely move thanks to the five pounds of fur he had to drag around. He was also very weak and showing no signs of appetite. Despite the difficult conditions he has been into, Simbad was still very friendly.

Getting a Make Over!

After the owner let the rescuers take Simbad, it was time give him the make over he desperately needed. The five pounds of fur was finally shaved off and they got a seven pounds of cuteness left. Simbad was patient and tolerant all throughout the shaving which took hours.The rescuers immediately forced him some food trying to make sure his digestive system would continue working.

Another thing that shocked them besides the large amount of matted fur was the fact that Simbad is so sweet. After years of being a neglected cat he still loves people and is very friendly. Simbad is currently being taken care off by Eliott.

He took him home for the long weekend, but the long weekend ended and Eliott simply coldn’t separate himself from Simbad. He thinks that Simbad is recovering very well for a nine year-old cat. His goal is to help Simbad gain some weight through a monitored diet and wait for the lovely fur to grow back. This time he will have his new dad around to make sure it will never get matted again.

Love Meow
The Animal Rescue

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