This Dog Was Starving in the Past, but Now She Is Living Like a Queen in Belize!

Elsie is a dog from Belize, who unfortunately had to live a very difficult life.

When the Hopkins Belize Humane Society found her, she was in a horrible state. She was chained to a chair under a stilt house where the yard was flooded.

She had various health problems from terrible infections on the legs to tickborne illness and heartworm disease. On top of all of this she was completely emaciated weighing 27 pounds. Luckily all of her health problems were taken care of during a 6-month treatment. The only problem was one of her legs which had to be amputated.

Now Elsie lives on Ambergris Caye with one of the volunteers Rebecca Coutant and is as happy as she can ever be. She is an amazing dog that finally receives all the love she needs.

Do you think animal neglect should be considered a punishable crime?

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