New Dog Owner? Learn How to Take Care of Dogs the Best Way Possible!

Having a dog in your life is like having a new family member! Oh the joy and happiness we feel when welcoming a puppy into our lives, not realizing the effort needed to be put in order to take care of dogs the best way possible.

How to Take Care of Dogs!

The very first thing to do is to find a good vet, who will be of great help for both you and the dog. A professional veterinarian will give you advice about what to do from the moment this new ‘’person’’ enters your door for life.

– Identify your dog! You will be surprised that now there are two ways of doing so: the external way, the old fashion way with a collar – name, address and an owner’s phone number and the internal way – micro chipped by the veterinarian. Yes, you read right!

– Your vet will set up a vaccination plan. He will also control parasites and tell you when to spay or neuter your puppy. But mind this – always stay alert for early signs of illness since puppies are more exposed to early bouts of illnesses.

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– Provide your dog with an optimal, nutrient diet. When you are shopping for dog food make sure it is for the right age. Also, see if there’s a statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) on the declaration to be sure that the product you are buying is meeting your dog’s needs for nutrition. This means less pit stops to the vets in the future!

– If your puppy is going to be an indoor family member try to establish bathroom routine. This can be a big pain in the neck since puppies don’t wear diapers. However, if you enforce yourselves with patience, planning and positivity, the results will come faster. At the end, you will be the one giving advice on how to take care of dogs.

– One of the biggest social benefits for both you and your puppy is to teach it obedience, a way of building a stronger bond between you two. Obedience includes hard training which can be done by the owner or special classes. This however, does not mean that you can walk your dog without a leash in public, remember – safety first!

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Keep It Joyful…

After establishing the basics about taking care of the new member in your family the next best thing is to keep it sociable. After a certain age, puppies get to get familiar with their new environment and start to accept other animals, people. Love your dog and teach it to love your surroundings, it will benefit both of you. Try to discover new things with your dog every day, keep the joy and happiness alive like the very first day the puppy entered your life.

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