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Newborn Kitten Covered in Maggots Gets Rescued by a Little Puppy!

Opie was just a puppy when he heard some meows coming from the field behind his apartment building. He found a tiny newborn kitten under a long and decided not to leave him behind.

The poor kitten was covered in maggots and abandoned by his mother. When Opie found him his kind human brought the little baby home, gave him a bath and took him straight to the vet. Luckily the kitten was healthy and feeling much better.

The woman made sure that Roscoe is warm and is fed with replacement milk from a syringe. Even though he was tiny, he still loved to cuddle with his human. After two weeks his eyes finally opened and he was completely ready to play and cuddle with everyone. Opie is his hero and definitely his best friend.

Isn’t this a truly heart-warming story?

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