Adorable Baby Hippo Gets in a Pool for the Very First Time!

Hippos are one of the biggest mammals on earth and their little babies are of course, not so little to begin with. This baby hippo is having his first swimming lesson and his cuteness is going to melt your heart

The mini versions of every animal are always way cuter than their parents and hippos are not an exception. Just because a baby hippo can weigh around 1000 pounds, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be absolutely adorable. While an adult hippo might look very scary, a baby hippo is not even close to being frightening.

Little Obi here is a Pygmy Hippo and it was time for him to dive into the big pool and learn how to swim. Together with his mom at the Mlbourne Zoo he is enjoying his swimming lesson and stealing the spotlight.

Isn’t he absolutely adorable?

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