The Odd Cat Sanctuary Takes Care of Very Special Felines! Every Cat Deserves Love!

What once started off as a small rescue has now become a marvelous place for all the special kitties. The Odd Cat Sanctuary works by the policy that every cat is beautiful and deserves to live a happy life.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary – a Heaven for All Unwanted Cats!

The vet tech Tara decided to become the voice for all those unwanted little fellows who have a hard time finding a forever home. The ideal image of a cat is something which is adorable, very beautiful and fluffy. When a cat doesn’t completely fit in this picture, her chances of finding a loving family are rather small. The cats which are old, sick or for whatever reason a little bit different and special are usually considered “unadoptable”.

These couple of cats are just an example of the type of cats The Odd Cat Sanctuary takes care of.

The most popular cat on the Internet from the shelter is Odd Cat Maya. She was rescued from a kill-shelter and now she lives in a really happy home. She couldn’t find a home for a long time only because of her unusual face. Maya has a chromosomal abnormality which is the reason behind her unusual looks.

Then there was Jason who was going to face euthanasia if it wasn’t for the shelter. He was a semi-feral cat with a broken jaw, who needed a lot of care and wasn’t really friendly. While everyone else would have given up on him, Tera knew that he can be saved. He couldn’t eat solid food and went through surgery, but now he is happier than ever before. Munching on crunchy food and feeling really loved by his family who now call him Finn.

Every cat deserves to be loved and taken care of. We are happy that The Odd Cat Sanctuary does an amazing job at spreading the awareness that all cats are adoptable.

At last, have a look at Hagar – one of the many rescued cats from this sanctuary! For more info, visit their official FB page.

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