Omar, the Longest Cat Alive Is the New Instagram Star!

Recently a Guinness representative has stated that they have received an invitation from Omar’s human parents. They ask for an official confirmation that Omar is the longest cat alive. This will take time, but Omar is already a world known cat, since he has his Instagram followers, all 60,000 of them.

His human mother says that even though Omar is large and heavy, and the size of a small dog, he is just an ordinary cat that likes to eat and sleep all day. Omar is a Maine Coon, known by their large size and Omar is their worthy and truly representative. He is measured to be 47.2 inches long (120 cm) and weighs for 30.8 lbs (14 kg).

The Longest Cat Eats A Lot!

Omar’s human parents are taking a special care for him and give him special food, prepared just for him, it includes couple of scoops of dry cat food for him in the morning, usually around 5 am, and a raw chopped kangaroo meat for dinner – since kangaroo meat is the only kind of meat that he wants to eat.

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The longest cat on Earth has a great personality and leaves a lot of cat hair round the house, and because of his size he is usually locked outside the bedroom. Lately Omar has displayed an effortless talent of opening doors, wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and shower screens; he can reach food over the counter with no trouble.

If only I could find a scratching post big enough for me to fit on ?

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Lots of people thought that Omar was not real and that Photoshop stands behind his fame. But once Ms Hurst invited and sent a request to the Guinness Organization things got real. There were a lot of friends and random people that just wanted to see and meet Omar, the longest cat alive and believe it with their own eyes that this huge and unbelievably cute cat is real.


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