Online Petition Asks the USDA to Include Food Stamps Benefits for Pet Food!

An online petition has been getting a lot of support, with more than 160,000 signatures of people all across the country. The online petition is asking the USDA to allow food stamps benefits for cat and dog food.

Online petitions are rarely taken into consideration by large government organizations. A USDA spokesperson stated that under the current federal law pet foods are ineligible for purchase with the SNAP benefits.

Online Petition Food Stamps USDA Cat Dog Pet Food Benefits 2

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program provides help for over 40 million poor families at the moment. However, there are a lot of things this program doesn’t cover and pet food is one of them. The low or no-income families have a lot of difficulties providing food for their pets. If the food stamps are expanded to cover pet food, these families will no longer need to worry how to feed their pets.

Edward Johnston, who has been using the food stamps benefits for a few months, started the petition. He stated that even though he is able to provide food for himself, he is still unable to feed his dog. The title of his petition is “Don’t Let Pets Starve – Include Pet Food in SNAP Benefits!” and was submitted on Care2.

In one of his statements Johnston argued that pets are not properties. A person already goes through a lot of difficulties because of poverty and giving up on your pet will only make things harder. The financial status of a family can change at any time and they might have already had their pet for many years.

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