Orphaned Kitten Found in a Pallet Yard Doesn’t Want to Let Go of His Rescuer!

The little orphaned kitten was found by a kind human in a pallet yard. When she took the little kitten into her arms he immediately began purring and snuggling up her shoulder. The kitten really didn’t want to let go.

When the foster mom Sandra found Woody his mama nor his siblings were nowhere in sight, so she decided to take him home. He was very dirty and she gave him a bath right away. After getting a warm bath and a good meal, he fell asleep in a comfy bed.

The little kitten loves to cuddle more than anything in the world. He loves to take naps on people’s shoulders. Woody makes sure that his humans are not alone and he always curls up in someone’s lap. He truly enjoys being surrounded with people and now in his forever home he gets all the attention and love he needs.

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