Parrot Bowie Will Make You Want to Smile! He Will Not Give up Until You Do!

It is widely known that parrots are quite smart birds. They have an ability that other birds usually can’t acquire and that is the ability to talk. The parrot Bowie has perfected it quite well and it will for sure leave you with a smile on your face.

parrot bowie make smile saying talking 2

Parrot Bowie Will Not Give up Until You Smile!

Parrots are not solitary animals. They like to be in groups and like to socialize. Nothing is going to stop them from communicating with others. Language is not a barrier they can’t cross. Of course if there are other parrots that they can be vocal with there’s no need for them to speak our language. When they live with humans though, they have the need to be vocal and to communicate so what else could be better than learning the language.

There are different types of parrots who are easier to work with and it is easier for them to get used to the language. One of those species are a budgie, an Amazon parrot or African Grey. They will pick up things just by having daily interactions with them.

The parrot in this particular video is a Lutino Indian Ringneck. His name is Bowie and it seems like he was messing around with his owner’s make up. He keeps repeating ‘Smile’ while his owner thinks that he is trying to apologize for what he did. He manages to pull a bunch of smiles out of his owner by constantly repeating the word. After a lot of ‘smiles’ he finally apologizes for what he did and it sounds just as adorable as him saying ‘ Smile’.

Bowie is such an adorable and cute birdie. Just like he managed to pull out smiles from his owner, we bet he will manage to get some smiles from you as well.

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