Human Tries to Trick a Parrot Into Eating Broccoli – His Least Favorite Food!

Eric is sweet little bird and of course, very well-behaved most of the time. The only time when this parrot gets really feisty is when his human tries to make him eat the broccoli.

Broccoli is probably the most detested vegetable ever so we can’t really blame Eric for not liking it. However, his humans were told by the veterinarian that they need to increase the amount of broccoli in his diet. Eric the Legend though, really doesn’t care if he needs to eat it or not.

He despises this vegetable so much that whenever his human tries to trick him into eating it, he just ends up throwing it all over the place. His mom just wanted him to show all the kids that broccoli is really good for your health, but no, Erick doesn’t want to participate in it.

Can you relate to this?

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