Parrot Goes Crazy When He Sees His Friend’s True Colors in the Mirror!

This cute parrot has been sharing his home with a very unusual friend. His turtle buddy has been by his side all the time and they love spending time together. However, the parrot goes crazy in the video below when he sees his friend’s reflection.

It was just another regular evening and these two were having a delicious dinner together. Their food was served in front of a kitchen appliance with a shiny surface. When the adorable parrot spotted the turtle’s mirror image, he got rather upset.

While he was going back and forth all over the place making lots of noise, the turtle just continues to enjoy his food completely ignoring his buddy. We don’t know why exactly why the parrot got so freaked out, but maybe he finally realized that all this time his friend has been a turtle.

Why do you think he got so hysterical?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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