This Parrot Singing Margaritaville Definitely Has the X Factor!

Parrots never fail to surprise us with their talents. This Amazon parrot singing Margaritaville is going to leave you speechless and will completely crack you up.

His amazing voice takes Jimmy Buffett’s song to a whole other level. For Henry, it was probably just another normal day. He was just chilling and strolling on top of his cage when he decided to start his short, but wonderful performance.

Henry might not have practiced the song enough times, since it seems like he struggles to remember the lyrics. That really doesn’t matter though, with a little push from his human he manages to continue singing.

We bet this is the best Margaritaville performance you have ever seen and hopefully it managed to make you laugh.

Did you enjoy Henry’s singing?

Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think about this hilarious singing parrot.

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