1 Year Old Cat Finally Got Rid of the Bird Cage She Was Living in!

The story of Holly Peppermint has really saddened us. But, we are more than exhilarated to learn that she is finally happy. Holly Peppermint is a cat that was found living in a bird cage for one year. What’s to say? It is like living in the same room for one year without having anyone come in. Or you to go out to.

Holly was found by good humans who decided to help her. According to their testimonies the bird cage was an unbearable place to live. Dirty, small, depressing, even though there was food and water. There were fleas everywhere. She was gravely suffering from them. But, these humans took a good care of her, gave her all the necessary medications, took her to the vet and offered her something she did not know before freedom.

Holly now is a happy cat that runs freely in her new home. She even has a sibling to spend the time with. She is very sociable, playful and loves to cuddle.

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