A Photographer Went into a Brush Fire to Save Two Kittens!

Carlos Pacheco was on the scene taking photographs of the controlled brush fire in Grandin, North Dakota. When he heard some meows he dropped his equipment and rushed close to the fire in order to save two kittens which were trapped.

He shielded himself with his jacked and managed to pull the two out of the blazing fire. Immediately he took the kittens to CATS Cradle Shelter. The female kitten had severe burns all over her limbs and her body temperature dropped immensely. Maniac on the other hand had no burns, but suffered from smoke inhalation. Both Maniac and Pyro stayed in an incubated oxygen chamber and managed to get better.

Now they have been adopted by their rescuer and are enjoying their lives in a happy and forever home.

Isn’t he a true hero?

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These two kittens were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but thankfully a photographer came to their rescue. He stopped to capture a controlled burn near Grandin, and rescued them from the fire. This story coming up on Valley News Live 10@10.

Posted by Valley News Live on Thursday, October 20, 2016


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