Police Officers Built a Cozy Cat Condo for Their Permanent Resident!

Police officers from the Boston Police Department have built a cozy cat condo for their calico cat who has decided that this is going to be her permanent residence. The SWAT cat, as the police officers call her, now lives in a studio-like apartment, which is comfortable both from the inside and from the outside. It has glass windows so that the madam-cat can have a panoramic view of the city. Her condo also has a dining facility situated right outside the front door.

The story actually started four years ago, when the cat was regularly visiting the Police Department, but one day she came there not willing to return to her previous whereabouts. She also didn’t want to be situated inside the offices, so she had her condo built right outside them, making her a permanent staff member of the Boston police force.

The police officers welcomed their new colleague with a big smile on their faces and with a new home for her.

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