Pompous Albert Is the New Face of HATE! Watch his 1st TV Commercial for HONDA!

Being a cat parent is one of the best things in the world. It makes you happy all the time. But, being the cat parent of Mr. Pompous Albert will make you feel happy, as well as famous, which is not bad at all!

Pompous albert cat grumpy judgemental honda commercial 1

Who is Pompous Albert?

Pet Shop Boys sing that we don’t have to be beautiful, but it helps. However, in the case with Pompous Albert, looking weird helps you too! This office cat was born with one scary looking facial expression that will make you surrender to him and become his servant straight away!

The cat is a proud representative of the selkirk rex breed. As an office cat he usually stays at a business center in Utah and it judges people just by looking at them. What a talent that is! According to his colleague Deana Pet, he is always ready to conquer the World and nobody can stop him do that. So, the mission began!

First TV Commercial? Checked!

Inspired by his unique appearance, the guys from Honda decided to hire Pompous Albert as their main ambassador in the new marketing campaign. In the latest commercial, Mr. Albert just plays himself – the cat who is not impressed of things. I strongly believe that the creepy look he makes cannot be delivered even by the greatest actors in Hollywood.

Also, the famous cats on the Internet should be aware of this new talent. This must be heard especially by the ultra-popular Grumpy Cat who made a fortune with her expression of hate. A new boy is in town! This scary cat is already smashing Instagram numbers and you can also become one of his +100k followers. Having a daily dose of his photos is funny and handy as well. For example, you can start saying NO to annoying people just by showing this lovely face!

Watch the TV commercial and tell me what do you think? To support Pompous Albert share this post with your friends on Facebook!

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