Pregnant Dalmatian Leaves Everybody Shocked After Giving Birth to Her Pups!

Ever since the 90s Disney movie 101 Dalmatians was released, this breed has been taking over the hearts of lots of people. While this story doesn’t include that many puppies, this pregnant dalmatian still managed to shock her humans when she gave birth to her babies.

After Miley got an ultrasound, the veterinarian concluded that she is going to have three puppies. However, he was clearly really wrong. When Miley finally gave birth, Cecilia Langton-Bunkergot was completely baffled. She didn’t only deliver three, but 18 puppies.

The most important thing is that all of the puppies are healthy and their mom is taking great care of them. Since it is not so easy to nurse 18 hungry pups, when things get too hard for her, her humans step in and feed the adorable little puppies.

Isn’t this a lovely story?

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