4 Years After: Marine Found His Long Lost Cat That Helped Him Cure PTSD!

Have you ever felt like a lost cat being found?

Were there times that you have felt completely not yourself and there was this something or someone that put the pieces together for you and made you feel whole again?

ptsd marine found lost cat 4 years 1
Credits: WNCT-TV 9

Talk about a missing love

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Credits: WNCT-TV 9

Hemi is a chubby cat that connected with its human dad Robert, an ex marine. Before the story of his lost cat, Robert used to suffer from PTSD and at the beginning he couldn’t believe that he would ever manage to overcome his condition. But once meeting Hemi he started sharing his deepest thoughts and fears with the cat.

ptsd marine found lost cat 4 years 4
Credits: WNCT-TV 9

Robert admits that he found it very comforting being able to share his thoughts with somebody even if it’s a cat. He couldn’t believe that a cat can make him feel that way, even his wife admits that once these two were together Robert become a totally different person.

He connected with Hemi so much that once Robert got deployed it went looking for him. At that point Hemi become the lost cat. Nobody had an idea where it was.

ptsd marine found lost cat 4 years 3
Credits: WNCT-TV 9

The Lost Cat Was Finally Found!

Four years passed and Hemi was finally found! Robert couldn’t believe his luck that he would meet with his buddy again. The lost cat was rescued and identified through a microchip by the Craven Pamlico Animal Service. Once they identified Hemi they called Robert who drove 2000 miles to get him back. The scene between the lost cat and her human dad was so touching and proving that the connection was still there.

ptsd marine found lost cat 4 years 2
Credits: WNCT-TV 9

Robert asked Hemi if he was ready to go home and a simple meow was a big yes for the lost cat.

A lost cat made a man to feel complete again and gave him the strength to move on with his life.

Take a look below at the video of this sweet reunion:


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