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Puppies vs Cat! Golden Retriever Puppies Gang up on a Kitty!

It is only normal to assume that if a cat comes across a bunch of dogs she would be the one that would get scared. However, in the Puppies vs Cat video the cat is definitely not even bothered by the golden retriever pups.

She stays in her place and she doesn’t even budge. The puppies on the other hand seem quite interested in the weird looking animal. They are probably aware that she is not one of them, but they have no clue what she is. They want to get close to her and sniff around, but they hesitate a lot. Not knowing how the strange animal is going to react, they maintain their distance. The cat on the other hand couldn’t care less about the noisy pups.

At the end of the day, cats have confronted way bigger animals than the tiny puppies without being scared at all.

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