Naughty Raccoon Steals Cat Food and Runs Away Like Little Human!

Raccoons are notorious for their stealing abilities and this particular raccoon steals cat food and just doesn’t care who’s watching.

They are not the type of animals that you want to have around your neighborhood. They might look cute and adorable, but they can do some real damage all around your house. Whatever it takes them to be able to get their little hands on some food, they will do it. They are nocturnal creatures who love to go on their little hunts at night. It is not so uncommon though, to see them roaming around in daylight.

raccoon steals cat food thief run away funny 2

Raccoon Steals Some Food and Comes Back for More!

The video will show you just how shameless they can be. The raccoon steals in the middle of the day, and what is more surprising in the middle of three cats. Nothing seems to stop him from stealing their food. The raccoon might be a frequent visitor since the cat don’t seem to have too much trouble with him. Either that or the cats are super friendly which is not so likely to be the case. The only thing that the raccoon gets from them is a hiss. That of course is not going to stop him from putting his hands on some delicious food.

He grabs the food dips it in some water to rinse it and eats it in front of them as if it is the most natural thing to do. The cats just seem confused observing his actions as he continues to eat their food. The only problem the raccoon seem to have is with the human. As soon as the person comes closer he walks away, but only for a second.

He came for the food and he will come back for more with a human there or not. All he needs is some of that cat food and soon enough he will probably be back for some more.

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