Extreme Beauty – Ragdoll Cat Chatting With Her Blue Point Baby!

Conversations of the animals have always been very intriguing to us! And fascinating at the same time. Such is the conversation of this ragdoll cat chatting with her baby kitten. According to our rather sophisticated taste, ragdolls are really extremely beautiful cats and this one is particularly astounding. White snow fur with grayish spots, ice cold blue eyes that turn so shiny when she sees her kitten, pure perfection! Do not even get us started on the kitten! Entrancing!

But, their conversation is even more marvelous. Touching! The little guy is constantly moving back and forth around his mother, constantly blabbering and purring about something. And having the cat talking back is the cutest thing ever! Yes, the mother talks back to her little fluffy child.

Even though we do not understand a purr they are talking about, we greatly enjoy watching them spending a nice and emotional family time together.

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