Meet Ralph – From a Gas Station Resident, to a Loved Family Dog!

This is a story of Ralph, a dog that used to live at the gas station. Yes, he slept there between the gas pumps and was taken care of the employees who found him there. But, one day a couple found Ralph and decided to adopt him. Best decision they ever made. They had to wait for 14 days to take him home in case their owners appeared, but that didn’t happen. So, Ralph got himself a home and a family.

Even though the couple was convinced that Ralph is a totally chilled guy since he fell asleep while being treated by the vets, they were concerned about the reaction of their daughter. The daughter, on the other side was more than exhilarated to have him and she treats him as a true sibling. She plays with him, she feeds him and she shows him huge love and affection. Ralph’s eyes are also glowing with love and appreciation.

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