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Hilarious Reactions! Ginger Cat and Husky Dog Caught Being FRISKY!

When we say that love has no boundaries, we mean it. This lovely video shows us that a cat and husky can be wonderful lovers, beware of the explicit scenes.

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Cat and Husky Being Naughty in Their Owners Couch!

Cats and dogs are no longer seen as the ultimate enemies. Families are no longer scared if they can adopt a cat and a dog without them fighting and chasing each other all the time. Nowadays the internet is filled with a lot of videos and photos proving that a friendship between them is more than possible.

This particular video is taking friendship to whole other level. It doesn’t really seem like the cat and husky are in the friend zone anymore. The lovely ginger cat and a fully grown husky apparently love being in each other’s company. They simply look like they just can’t get enough of each other. Their owners couch has slowly become their couch and they will use it however they like. If they want to cuddle, they will cuddle. If they feel like having some foreplay and being naughty, they will be.

On this particular video they are giving each other some nice hugs and kisses when they realize what has been happening. The husky having its legs wrapped around the cat while the cat is completely enjoying some soft bites and rubs on the belly. Everything was just like heaven for these love birds up until they realized that they have been filmed the whole time. Their human managed to ruin their foreplay and the cat had to walk away in shame. Not everyone enjoys being watched nor being interrupted in such moments.

Hopefully they will have a lot more privacy in the future and will be able to share their couch however they want.

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