Why Parrots Talk Like Humans? It Is Not Only for the Show!

Parrots may be some of the most famous birds on the Earth! Everyone has seen a parrot! Either on TV, at some friend’s house or in person! Some of them may have even heard parrots talk! It is indeed an extraordinary ability that makes parrots very special.

We all know that parrots are able to imitate human talking. But, they can also imitate the sounds other animals make. According to the scientists, hummingbirds, songbirds and parrots are the only birds capable of vocal learning! Parrots can even create new vocalization!

It is not in the training, it is in the brain! The brains of these birds have something that the brains of other birds don’t have. These are clusters of neurons called song nuclei that are the crucial reason why parrots can be so good impersonators of human words. The shell layer is also an important part of the brain of these birds. The bigger the layer- the better the imitator!

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