Record-Breaking Cheetah Mom! Bingwa Has Given Birth To A Record Number of Cubs!

Ladies and gentleman, meet Bingwa! The hero cheetah mom that gave birth to a record-breaking eight little cheetahs! The fastest animal in the world has made a record within her species by having so many little cubs with the average being three to four. The miracle happened in the St. Louis Zoo, where Bingwa temporarily stays. She came from the Wildlife Safari park located in Winston.

The proud father is also a temporary resident of this institution and he comes from the Oak Conservation in Yulee. He must have been honored to have met Bingwa and experienced this moment! Just for your information Bingwa means champion in Swahili language and this cheetah is not just a champion, she is a hero.

She manages to take care of all of the eight cubs. Three of them are boys and five of them are girls. Furthermore, this heroic deed of Bingwa is a great contribution to the cheetah species because the cheetahs are currently fighting with the risk of extinction.


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