Rescue Koala Comes Back 3 Years Later with a Big Surprise in Her Pouch!

Nell was raised in the Raymond Island Koala and Wildlife Shelter. This rescue koala was only 6 months-old when she was abandoned by her mother. The shelter took care of her and released her in their spacious property 18 months later.

Over the course of 3 years, Nell kept coming back and visiting the shelter. On one of her latest visits she gave her rescuers a big surprise. She came back with two little joeys which were 5 months-old. It is quite unusual for koalas to have twin babies and it is especially rare for both of them to stay alive.

After contacting the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, they had all the tips needed to take care of the three of them. In case one of joeys gets neglected, the shelter is going to be there to raise him. They are making sure that Nell gets everything that she needs and hopefully the little happy family will stay together.

Photo Credits: Raymond Koala Shelter

Baby Koala TWINS!! Meet "Nells" babies Koala Twins are extremely rare please enjoy this special video and share it with you friends this is something not seen normally. Nell was raised and soft released by the Shelter 3 years ago. She made her home at our property. We discovered she had twins a couple of days ago, they are pouch babies approximately 4 1/2 – 5 months old. We are now supplement feeding Nell extra leaf to help her nurse her babies and help ease the pressure on her. Enjoy!! ? ?The Shelter needs your help, we rely totally on donated money to be able to pay for the care of the animals. Medication, veterinary bills, special milk formula, cleaning, rescue costs all at a huge expense. With summer approaching Koalas need extra care it gets very busy in the hot months lots of koalas come into care. If everyone that likes our page could just donate $1 we would have enough money to cover the expenses for summer please help us care for the Koalas and all Wildlife, please donate. Simply click on the donate link on top of our Facebook page. Thankyou

Posted by Raymond Island Koala & Wildlife Shelter Inc. on Monday, September 26, 2016

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