This Rescue Pit Bull Became the Perfect Foster Mom for the Kittens!

A rescue Pit Bull called Hema didn’t have such a good experience with the first foster kitty that her human Marissa Clingen brought home.

Poor Hema went through some tough times in her life and changed a bunch of shelters until she ended up in the Humane Rescue Alliance. Her scars didn’t get in the way of being a lovely and sweet dog.

This is why when Clingen visited the shelter in 2013 she couldn’t resist Hema. For more than 3 years Hema has been taking care of foster kittens and she didn’t let her first experience let her down. That first foster kitty avoided her, but Hama still loves to help every kitten and helps them socialize. She gives them all the love they need and makes sure they are ready when the time comes to move to their permanent homes.

Isn’t she lovely?

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Hema the Foster Pittie

We only recruit the best fosters for our little kitties. Good thing Hema was up for the challenge.

Posted by Humane Rescue Alliance on Sunday, July 10, 2016

Photo Credits: Marissa Clingen/Robin Seegers

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