Touching Rescue Story: After Being Abused & Thrown in The Garbage Hiro Still Has Love To Share!

Hiro Stanley is truly a hero of recovery. This sweet cat was found wrapped in a plastic bag in a backpack inside a garbage can. When he was accidentally found his touching rescue story begins.

The cat was immediately taken to a shelter and animal care agency – Alberta Animal Services in Alberta, Canada. After the check up the vets stated that the cat was put through severe abuse both physical and neurological. It was blind, had head trauma, broken pelvis, he was very thin and weak. One of the AAS representatives stated that even severely injured and tired Hiro would cuddle and purr with everyone that offered to hold him and pet him. It took a year of a slowly recovery but the results were unbelievable even though the team didn’t think he would make it.

Good morning everyone, Update on Hiro!Hiro is showing so much improvement this morning we couldn't be happier. Hiro…

Posted by Alberta Animal Services on Friday, May 20, 2016

Jennifer and her husband James are the ones that found Hiro in the trash and took him to the shelter. These two incredible people made an extraordinary donation and agreed to every surgery that Hiro needed to a full recovery. They were happy to be told that Hiro was progressing great and they truly hopped that he will easily find a loving, forever home.

Once Hiro started to feel much better, the shelter’s representative Erica took him to their home for a visit. Surprisingly, Hiro fit there perfectly. He felt comfortable the moment he walked inside their house, so it was only natural for them to adopt him! Jennifer added the name Stanley to Hiro because it is her father’s name. He just like Hiro refused to give in to failing life and were both stubborn enough to prevail and make a recovery. For Jennifer, both of them are true heroes and she is happy to have them in her life.

Lessons To Be Learned From This Rescue Story!

Now this rescue story of ours ends here, at Hiro’s new home with these two wonderful people and their two older cats which Hiro grew to love them very much. The family is building a new house with a vast, fenced back yard that will be the cat’s playground – who can ask anything more?!

The person that hurt Hiro will go unpunished since there is no sufficient evidence. However, we hope that this happy ending rescue story will make other people more aware on animal abuse! The majority of animals don’t get to be that lucky as Hiro.

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