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Inspirational Videos: People Rescuing Stranded Animals From the Hurricanes!

It is a long way in the aftermath of the hurricanes, but videos and images of stranded animals being rescued are emerging all over the social media. People all over the country, especially from the affected area, helping animals in need are images that affect people and stay in their memory for times to come.

Stranded Animals Are Being Rescued All Over the Country…

Most of the animals are people’s pet left behind in their attempt to escape and save their families. They were either not able to help the animals or they haven’t had the opportunity to reach the area where the animals lived. The storms are bad and wild. Videos of people rescuing horses are circling the net, trapped in their open fenced habitat, meaning their humans couldn’t even open the gate to help them and give them the opportunity to save themselves.

Men saving dogs and cats and transferring them to open shelters are common pictures as well. Tied dogs with chains nearly drowning, being rescued from volunteers risking their lives just to give the dog a chance. My personal favorite is a hawk being rescued by a man and placed inside a car. It is unbelievable to see such a wild bird sitting inside a car, because it is scared of the storm and just seeks refuge from humans. There is also a video of a man rescuing a catfish stranded outside the river bank and placing it back where it belongs.

All these videos are being shared on social media, showing people exposed to danger in order to save stranded animals and providing them safety and help. The animals are being placed in crowded shelters, but that doesn’t stop the rescuers to continue with what they do best!

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