Restless Cat Was Returned to Shelter 5 Times! She Just Wants To Have Fun!

Kitty is one restless cat which has been returned to her shelter every single time she got adopted.

The reason why five different families were unable to keep this cat is because she is just really full of energy. She is the type of cat that loves to play with the toilet paper and create chaos while she is at it. The people who adopted her just couldn’t keep up with all the mess she was making.

However, one day Kitty finally met someone who was prepared to accept her just the way she is. Noelle Fisher even changed up her home by placing cardboard boxes and things Kitty can play with all over the place. Fisher thinks that is was just meant to be and loves Kitty’s silliness and her company.

Now Kitty doesn’t have to worry anymore that someone is going to return her just because of her quirks.

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