Meet Ruby – the Meanest Cat Ever! She Is Cute Though…

Heather and Allan have been struggling with their cat Ruby for a very long time. She is extremely aggressive towards Heather and doesn’t even let her do her own job. This is how she gained the title of the meanest cat ever.

As a Pilates instructor who works from home, Heather needs the space for herself and her clients. However, whenever she tries to move Ruby into another room she always ends up getting hurt pretty bad. Ruby doesn’t let Heather get close to her and basically every time she does she draws blood. Heather thinks that Ruby is aggressive towards her because the kitty has been abused by her previous female owner.

Allan on the other hand doesn’t get the same treatment. Ruby loves him just as much as she hates Heather. She would let him cuddle with her and pet her whenever she wants. If Heather tries to do the same, the claws come out right away and Ruby screams her heart out.

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