Say Hello To The World’s Smallest Cat in the Big Cats Family!

Walks like a tiger, moves like a lion, but looks like a tiny domestic kitten. What is that? A rusty-spotted cat! It is the smallest cat in the family of big, wild cats. When you see it, you will certainly think is some sort of a small domestic kitten that strayed away from her cozy house in the urban area.

But, this wonderful creature actually lives in the forests of Sri Lanka and India. This cat can be found in just a few places because her natural habitat, the deciduous forests, are largely reduced or destroyed.

Regarding to her characteristics, she may move like a lion, but she weighs 200 times less than a lion. An almost fully grown rusty-spotted cat weighs a bit more than 1 kg. Furthermore, she is equipped with a strong sense of hearing. You may not be able to hear a needle falling on the floor in the room next to you, but this cat can! It has six times more powerful ears than ours.

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