The Sad Truth behind the Popular NONONO Cat Video!

When a video hits over 9 million views then it qualifies as a Rihanna du-duh-dah song or the NONONO cat video. I know it sounds hilarious, but the truth is that this poor baby is not trying to be funny. It’s actually terrified. Animals make such noises when they are afraid of something. Alike men, they all have this big unresolved issue with the vacuum cleaner. Don’t look at me, I dunno why.

Sad Truth Popular NONONO Cat Video scared noises 1

The Scared NONONO Cat or Another Hollywood Story of How to Make Others’ Misery Your Own Top Hit Video

All pet owners will agree with me on this one: New Year is a terrible, scary time for your pet! All those fireworks scare the hell outta your pet. Mine for example, gets under the table and just peeks from time to time. When he was little, he would come to be, crawl in my lap like a little ball of fur and shake and tremble the whole night. Many animals die of heart attacks during this night. I’m telling ya, it’s not a joke!

So, this poor, fluffy little baby is scared outta its pants, hence the NONONO cat sound. Ok, Megan Trainor we get it, but are your owners getting it or they are just too busy being famous on your misery?!

Cats Can Make around 100 Different Vocal Sounds

The NONONO cat, obviously petrified, was making this sound trying to look big and scary as a response to what scared him. Cats are individuals with feelings (listen owners!) and have their own responses when happy, scared, excited, sick or hungry. Cats can make around hundred different vocal sounds, humans around five hundred and dogs around ten. That’s the reason why almost all types of dog’s barking sounds pretty much the same.

Each furry fella is different in its own little way, but almost all respond with high-pitched noises on similar triggers. If a kitty has a scary experience with some object, like vacuum cleaner or hairdryer he/she will develop a fear for all eternity. And if you want to subside and lessen its pain and fear (unlike the owners of the NONONO cat) given him/her treats whenever he/she is in the presence of the trigger. It may scratch and try to run away from the trigger at first, but with time and patience he/she will learn to react differently.

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