Sam the Bengal Cat & Pip the Otter Prove That Real Friendship Has No Limits!

One of the most important things to know when it comes to Bengal cats is that they are not like your average lazy domestic cat. They are very active and since they are a mixture of a wild and domestic cat they are very active and playful. This means that having another pet buddy they can play with is a great advantage for your Bengal cat.

It will keep the cat amused and your possessions intact. Having another cat or a dog as a buddy for your cat is not so surprising. There are many unexpected friendships out there in the animal world, but the story of Sam which is a Bengal cat and Pip an otter is one of the most surprising ones.

A Bengal Cat & An Otter Are BFF!

Their owner is Pia Cuijpers works as a zookeeper which is how she got Pip. Pip’s mother gave birth to five little otters, but unfortunately otters have only four nipples so Pip was not getting enough milk and without any help she most likely wasn’t going to make it according to her owner. She started to take care of it and brought it home. The little otter began to grow and became healthy.

When Pia and her boyfriend moved into a new house she decided to get a Bengal cat. That was something she wanted her whole life. Surprisingly they got along very well only after two days. They began to play with each other and things only got better. They have their own separate rooms, but the cute furry buddies started sleeping together, grooming each other and even eating together which made Pia very happy.

While we all might think that having an otter as a pet is adorable and we would love to have one, what most of us don’t know is that it’s pretty demanding. Otters are very smart animals which require a lot of attention basically all the time.

According to Pia, they are like little kids that constantly make a mess around the house. Plus, they always want to eat. One needs to be very persistent to teach an otter different commands. Still, at the end of the day Pip has learnt and gotten used to taking walks on a leash with Pia unlike Sam who isn’t very comfortable nor happy with it.

One of the best things about these little buddies is that they have an Instagram account and YouTube channel where we can get blown away by their cuteness.

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