Saved Kittens Get Reunited with Their Mom After a Big Monsoon!

Before a terrible monsoon hit Thailand, a cat left her little babies in an empty water tank. She thought that she hid her kittens in a really safe place, but she was terribly wrong. If there wasn’t anyone around to get them out of there in time, the saved kittens would have probably drowned.

Two men were walking around the flooded streets when they heard some really loud cries. They saw that there are two kittens in water tanks which were slowly filling up with water. One of them decided to climb inside in order to save the little babies. Once the kittens were out they were completely frightened and soaking wet.

Thanks to these two heroes the kittens were safe and alive. In the end the lucky feline family was reunited. Now with their mother by their side, these kittens can feel loved and protected.

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