Scary-Looking Man Rescued Tiny Kitten and Became His Guardian Angel!

An intimidating biker was knocking at the doors of the Kitten Inn, which is a rescue group in New Zealand, at 3 am. Anyone would have been at least frightened, if not from anything else then by the knocking. However, he rescued a tiny kitten from girls which were tossing the kitty around.

Being very uncomfortable from what they were doing, he decided to step in and help the kitten, so he brought it to the rescue. Susan McNair, who is the founder of the rescue, was the one who greeted the bearded man, covered with tattoos.

He took the tiny kitten out of his pockets asking her to take care of it. He also donated $100 to help with her care. Even though he wanted to stay anonymous, he is Harley’s guardian angel.

The kitten got a foster mother, which took care of her, but regardless Harley didn’t grow much. Even two years later she has remained the size of a kitten.

Photo Credits: Kitten Inn

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