Scooter the Neutered Cat Is One Badass Kitty!

Scooter the neutered cat is the new ambassador of spaying and neutering. He is one badass kitty that perfectly delivers the no-kill message with his epic hip style and his catchy song.

One of the easiest ways in which we can prevent cat overpopulation is definitely spaying and neutering. It is not only easiest, but also the most humane way. There is definitely no need for kill shelters when there is a lot better solution for it.

There are millions of cats living on the streets in the US and most of them are not even going to be able to find a forever home. These kitties are homeless due to overpopulation and lack of spaying and neutering.

With his campaign Scooter is bringing awareness to this big issue that people tend to ignore. Hopefully his message will be heard and understood by a lot of humans and we will finally see things change.

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