You Think You Are a Bad Boy?! Take a Look at This Cat with Golden Grillz!

Yes, the world has gone cuckoo. There are cats attending schools, Chihuahuas with billion dollars bank accounts, and believe it or not, cats with golden grillz!

World, despacito please!

Golden Grillz Gold teeth cat kitten 3

Sebastian Loves His Golden Grillz!

Sebastian, a pure breed Persian cat, has recently got his golden grillz! We have seen them on rappers and grandmas and grandpas in Yugoslavia, but 14 carat golden crowns on a cat?! Insanity doesn’t even begin to explain the severity of the diagnosis this guy (the owner I mean) has. Maybe a mental illness professional is reading this story so he/she can help me name it.

The luxury of having such accessories in his mouth Sebastian owes to his owner. Dr. David Steel, a dentist, who likes to live on the edge.

Ever since his daughter gave Sebastian to Dr. Steel, he swore that the shiny, black-coated Persian will have la crème de la crème outta life. And as we all see it, he meant every word.

When Dr. Steel got Sebastian he noticed that his teeth were backwards like those on bulldogs. So, in order to go gangsta all the way, he decided that what Sebastian needs is just golden grillz. Straight outta hood!

Golden Grillz Gold teeth cat kitten 2

Normally, these golden crowns are pretty expensive. A single golden crown for a human costs around 900 – 1000 dollars. Sebastian could have gone through with simple porcelain crowns like we, mere mortals, have, but he’s Persian. So, he had gold. It’s the best material they have in dentistry.

And for Sebastian and Dr. Steel it cost nada. The laboratory that made them were thrilled to make such a thing for their fellow colleague and moreover, for his cat.

The cat sat still for 5 minutes while Dr. Steel along with a veterinarian, implanted the golden crowns.

Now that the world has gone officially nuts, you can go and watch the Kardashians without remorse.

Cat Time

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