Senior Ginger Cat Adopts a Mini Version of Himself! Do They Look Alike?

This senior ginger cat was enjoying his life as a single cat in his happy home when Jesse Ryan decided to adopt another cat. She didn’t know how the two are going to get along but Evin gave her a surprise and adopted Minnie.

The two ginger cats got along from the moment they met. The tiny little kitty loves to follow Evin wherever her goes and the two are inseparable. Evin doesn’t mind the attention he gets from Minnie and who can blame him? Jesse thinks that Minnie clung onto Evin so much and Evin had no other choice, but to adopt the new kitten.

The lovely couple likes to do everything together. They enjoy snuggling, wrestling, playing together and even cleaning each other after finishing their meals.

Do you think Minnie will one day find his own mini version?

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Photo Source: Instagram/ @jessi_joy716

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