Senior Shelter Cat Paws at the Window Until She Finds a Forever Home

When her human passed away a kitty named Sienna was brought to the Tabby’s Place. The senior shelter cat missed being around humans a lot, so whenever someone would pass by she would place her paw on the window hoping that someone would notice her.

After spending some time at the cat sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey a kind human decided to give her a new home. Terri couldn’t resist the kitty after having a sweet interaction through the window.

For a year now Sienna has been living in her new home, which she shares with her mommy who enjoys her company and loves to spoil her. She has been renamed into Chloe and has recently gotten a new sister Ella, who is also a senior cat. Even though Chloe is 14 years-old and Ella is 13 years-old, they are still playful kittens at heart.

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