Shelter Cat Falls in Love with a Visitor and She’ll Do Anything for His Attention!

It seems like humans are not the only ones who make decisions when it comes to adopting cats. This shelter cat falls in love with one of the visitors and begs him to let her be a part of his family.

The kitty later on named Pork Chop noticed the Petsmart employee right away. She desperately wanted to get his attention so she continued pawing at the glass. It was basically impossible for him to resist the sweet kitty. She already made up her mind and wanted this human to adopt her.

After discussing it with his girlfriend, he decided to take the kitty home and it was the best decision ever made. When she was let out of her cage she leaped into his arms right away asking for cuddles.

Now Pork Chop is having a wonderful life in her new home, getting all the care and attention from the human she fell in love with.

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